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"Missed the newborn stage but still would like professional photos of your baby?

Any stage can be photographed and can still make for beautiful and timeless images"


At this stage your baby will normally be awake for most of the session. He/she will have some quick eye contact with the camera but to get those sleepy photos you are welcome to schedule the session when you know your baby will be tired and therefore naturally fall asleep towards the end of the session.


At the three month stage you can expect some quick smiles and cute funny faces as your baby is now fully aware of his/her surroundings. Parent interaction is required as you will need to be a prop for your baby as they will feel most comfortable and secure in your arms – this makes for loving and natural looking images as a family.


Celebrate your babies 100 day milestone with a special photography session. All props such as bowties and little adorable outfits are provided to make the occasion that little bit more special. Parents are also welcome to join in for family celebration portraits at the end.


 The 8-10 month old stage is known as a “sitter session”. These fun sessions are ideal for capturing that milestone proudly all on their own in a studio setting with backdrops, props and outfits all provided. Lots of cute funny faces and interactions with the camera are guaranteed.

Have a look at our Family Sessions as we can incorporate the love and connection you have together as a family.

Want some adorable milestone photos of your baby?

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